Background - Shane A. Mason

Shane A. Mason hails from the rugged South Island of New Zealand where a lot of Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings were shot.

He wrote his first novel at 18 but upon reflection decided it was a whiney, teenage, angst-ridden, diatribe and shelved it thinking he needed more living and experience.

20 years later after marriage, divorce, time spent in a cult, part time soldier, chip cooker, proof reader, farm pest remover, truck greaser, accounts sorter-outer, engineering supervisor, bit part actor, and attaining a 5th dan black belt in karate, and training and working as a naturopath/lecturer - he watched the six DVD series on the making of "Lord of the Rings." This led to an epiphany, fueled panic as he realised he had a trail of unfinished novels screaming out to be finished.

Having devoured the Harry Potter series and got frustrated with the eventual predictability of the story lines (come on – let’s face it – they got formulaic), he decided to finish his semi-fantasy, action-adventure, young-adult, novel based around his Prema Ayuveda training. Prema Ayurveda is the art of ancient Indian, mind-body-soul medicine. Roughly translated it means “nurturing knowledge of life.”.

Rather than write a text book, he decided to follow the ancients and couch all the meaning of ancient texts in a cool, epic, adventure around four teens that represent four parts of the mind.

Shane currently resides in Auckland, New Zealand where he divides his time between writing, marketing, family and martial arts – though he prefers to daydream and flit off into the nether-sphere where most of the ideas he comes up with are just waiting there for him.


I always love hearing from readers. All feedback greatly accepted. Drop me a line.


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