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Plunge into this Action Adventure Mystery FREE.

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5 Books in the series.

Here's What Some Readers Had to Say.

Amazing Read

"I finished the book about 2 weeks ago and the characters are still very much alive, which is a sign of an excellent story, exciting plot and brilliant characters." 

Daring Donna

Great First Novel

"This is a great first novel from a promising...writer. I didn’t realise how much I enjoyed it until I started to miss the ‘place’ I went to whilst engaged in the novel – and that is a great sign."

Stephanie Young

Connects With Reader

"The story is of four cousins and their misadventures while on the mission to find their missing parents. Shane creates a lively and vivid picture of a setting set amidst beauty and nature."

NJKinney - Kinney's World of Books

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Parents killed. A Hidden hostile land. The last of their line. They have no idea what’s coming next.

Melaleuca (Mel – la – luke – Ka) is left in charge of her wayward cousins when all of their parents are murdered, and she and her cousins are whisked away to a strange, hidden land to be cared for by a dithering Uncle and a cruel Aunt.

None of her cousins will follow Melaleuca’s lead, as all of their lives they have been raised with no rules and left to run wild, making it nigh on impossible. What’s more troubling is the land has never progressed past the Victorian age.

When a discovery is made allowing them to use the powers their parents once wielded, she begins to understand. As she tries to guide her cousins using the powers, they are sent to a vicious, cruel, disciplining school where they find children secretly waiting for the Marauders to return. However, the teacher’s seem intent on breaking down Melaleuca’s resolve and crushing the spirits and bodies of her cousins, if necessary.

They are the last of their line. If Melaleuca and her cousins are broken then all they are sent to save will be doomed forever.


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